Monday, August 20, 2012

Why You Should be Concerned about Consumer Debt.

I attempted to post about my Debt Neutrality Petition on the Reason Magazine Facebook site about a week ago. I don't recall if the post stayed on the page however.

This transcript is automatically generated from Fox News.

Experts -- thank you so much of economic concerns -- sent us President Obama makes that surprise appearance at the white house press briefing just moments ago.

My next guest says that though consumer debt should really have our attention Anthony Randazzo -- director of economic research at.

Reason foundation -- have you back on the show I don't know if you're able to listen to the president's comments but talking about the overall economic -- and fiscal policy and all of these things that you say that.

Consumer credit.

Our debt load -- soaring and it should be a forefront -- fixing the economy.

Absolutely and we talk about monetary policy -- housing policy.

You know whether we need -- more stimulus or not.

None of it actually matters that much when you're thinking about the accurate level of debt that were at thirteen trillion dollars put -- contact their -- so that's that is -- where we rat in 2007.

They kept going up a little bit we've had some deleveraging.

About 2.5 percent a year but the problem is in the past here.

It's slow down we're now at -- add that back that's willing to talk about now's it's really only about 1% a year sort of like.

Coming down with that means is that if you want to try and stimulate the economy as the Democrats do you try to put money people's pockets -- got so much debt.

There's going to be paying down -- they're not going to be consuming that can be buying.

Let's say year we want -- of Republican approach -- wanna cut taxes for small businesses or her households people are gonna take those tax cuts.

Pay down that slot small businesses -- bankroll come you know comes out of what individual.

And household balance sheets so now.

They are -- they've got all this debt to they're not going to be investing in business.

We're just start -- conversation because the present -- little bit tight for time you come back and we'll carry on with talk about some solutions, what can be done, Anthony Randazzo from Reason Magazine -- thanks.

Please consider viewing and then signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.