Saturday, October 20, 2012

WARNING, "Collectors Association Dispels Myths about Consumer Debt Collection", is a PR boilerplate article making the rounds.

It looks like a PR firm has come up with a boiler plate title "Collectors Association Dispels Myths about Consumer Debt Collection" and then spread the propaganda headline and article state by state, each State Collectors Association adding their own name to the front of the article!  

Example, Collectors Association Dispels Myth becomes Texas Collectors Association Dispels Myth, or Illinois Collectors Association Dispels Myth, or New York Collectors Association Dispels Myth...etc, and then this rebranded title change is farmed out to many media outlets in as many different states as possible.

First of all, they can refute myths, or disagree with myths, but they certainly can't dispel myths when only certain parts of the "alleged" myths are addressed!

Let me help the Collectors Association Dispel some additional myths by revealing how horrible their credit card debt collection practices can be.

For instance, Credit Card Debt Collection Companies have been known to use service companies who commit false service, this then leads to what can be viewed as mail fraud since the second service is put in the mail and mailed AFTER the swearing under oath is put in writing on the original, false service delivery. There can be no service by mail until an authentic original service is performed. 

Credit Card Debt Dollection Companies have very little leeway regarding the terms they can offer a debtor. Credit Card Debt Collection Companies first and foremost look for a lump sums settlement, which is usually ridiculous because if the debtor had money for a settlement they probably would have just kept paying down their debt instead. And of course, the IRS will deem any amount over 600 dollars of forgiven debt as INCOME.

Credit Card Debt Collection Companies can never put anything in writing!  All a consumer wants to know is if they start making smaller payments, their account will be frozen but at the amount owed when they could no longer make payments, with no more penalties, interest rate charges or fees; and if they start making smaller payments they will no longer be reported as delinquent. Credit Card Debt Collection companies cannot even make those two reasonable promises! Credit Card Debt Collection put NOTHING in writing other than what it is you are agreeing to pay, this is patently unfair and simply escalates the matter to an eventual one sided court hearing.

Credit Card Debt Collection Companies routinely attempt to report a debtor as "refusal to pay", so the account can be forwarded for legal action, even when the debtor does not refuse to pay! 

Credit Card Debt Collection Companies take debt collection actions on credit card accounts that cloaked FRAUDULENT pricing regarding debt suspension insurance. The result is the debtor had NO REASONABLE WAY to INSURE their account in the event of a family emergency or life crisis situation occurs because the Credit Card Protection Insurance charges were 20 to 30 times HIGHER THAN THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN. 

The Credit Card Companies actually used severely over priced Credit Card Protection Insurance as a way to make obscene profits on their customers who were fooled into purchasing the credit card protection insurance product (credit card companies were recently assessed close to a BILLION DOLLARS IN FINES by the Consumer Protection Financial Agency for their marketing of credit card protection insurance).  By not purchasing the severely overpriced Credit Card Protection Insurance product the customer had significantly less legal grounds to protect themselves from a court action.

Maybe ALL Credit Card debt collection companies should be sued for enforcing a credit card debt claim that was caused because of credit card protection insurance fraud, hmmm.

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Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.